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AEBAlternative Fuel Electronics

Optimize our customers’ satisfaction: we design and manufacture products that comply with their needs and help them reach their targets.

AEB is a symbol of technology applied to electronics for LPG/CNG systems

Since 1984 we put electronics in the service of environment to reduce emission and consumption of vehicles. We pursue this aim with passion and determination through a constant Research and Development activity that implements state-of-the -art technological solutions.

Our products, the most complete range of electronic devices for converting vehicles to natural gas/LPG, are completely designed and produced in Italy and meet the highest and most demanding quality standards of the automotive industry.

More of our strengths: Our Customer service and the sensible quality/price ratio join our great commitment and passion into fulfilling every project and making our products unique and inimitable
Since 2005 AEB has a subsidiary company in South America to monitor and assist the Latin American market, it derives logistical/industrial advantages from locally manufacturing part of the range of electronic devices for converting cars to LPG and natural gas: AEB America.

Product Range ofAEB


Wireless communication device

Devices which, when combined, make it possible to connect the PC to a control unit via radio thus eliminating the connection wiring 



Multipoint sequental injection ECU monoplug 


Injectors Rail

Injetors rail – rail polymer with  removable  nozzles


Timing Advance Processor

Reprogrammable timing advance processor for hall effect CKP sensor