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Tomasetto AchileComponents for LPG & CNG Systems

to provide mechanical components for LPG and CNG automotive systems with the best quality/price ratio, providing the best service to our customers

Since more than 30 years, our company is known as a leading company in designing and manufacturing mechanical components for Automotive LPG and CNG systems.
Quality of our products and processes and the high flexibility in replying to market changes have been the key of our success and reputation for more than 30 years.

Established in 1982 and still leaded by its founder, Mr. Achille Tomasetto, the Company is located in the North-East of Italy, 15 km far from Vicenza and 70 km far from Venice.

Our company is worldwide recognized for the technology, the quality and reliability of the products, as well as for the efficiency in providing service to the customers. Seeking for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, high flexibility and investments in technologies are, since 30 years, the guidelines of our company.

The experience gained in the past is, nowadays, the key for the development of new and reliable products and innovative technologies able to cater to the requests of our customers and project the company into the future challenges of the international markets.

Product Range ofTomasetto Achile



Tomasetto CNG pressure reducer model AT12 is a 2 stages pressure reducer for sequential injection systems.
Compact and very reliable, it is homologated in accordance with ECE R110, approved in accordance with Enargas, Inmetro and other local regulations, and complies with ISO 15500 standards.

Injector Rail

Noiselessness, easy maintenance and easy setting: TOMASETTO ACHILLE IT01 rail injector is developed with the aim to maximize the comfort in terms of reduction of noise, simplify and make reliable the replacement, avoid unnecessary, expensive, difficult and time-spending setting procedures.



CNG automatic cylinder valves VM05 are homologated in accordance with the European Regulations ECE R110 and R10 and in compliance with the ISO15500 standards. They are also approved in accordance with the ENARGAS NAG 415 and NAG 417.